Letter Box

DESIGNER: Pit Khiam Goh
MATERIAL: Walnut Box & Wenge, Canxan, Jatoba, Ash, Zebra, Bloodwood, Purple Heart, Katalox, and Chakte Viga pieces
RELEASE DATE: 12.6.2020
EDITION: 51 Copies Released
SIZE: 2.98" x 2.98" x 2.98"

Letter Box is a very tricky packing puzzle. The 1x2 unit opening restricts the nine identical pieces which fill the 3x3x3 box. With multiple rotations and more than 50 steps, discovering the solution will keep you occupied for some time. This is an excellent design well-suited for the solver seeking a true challenge.

We constructed Letter Box from some of our finest wood stock. The solid walnut box shows excellent striping and deep color. Each of the nine pieces was milled from solid stock out of a different fine or exotic wood. (Canxan, Jatoba, Ash, Zebra, Bloodwood, Purple Heart, Katalox, Chakte Viga, Wenge)

51 copies are available. Each puzzle is signed and dated. Letter Box ships in an unsolved configuration.

Precision wood puzzles can be damaged by environmental changes. Please read the Caring for Wood Puzzles guide to ensure proper fit and operation.

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