Jammed Gem

DESIGNER: Frederic Boucher & Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Walnut & Wenge box with Bubinga pieces; or
Sapele & Black Palm box with Ebony pieces
RELEASE DATE: 10.3.2022
EDITION: 72 Copies Released
SIZE: 3.4" x 2.7" x 2.7"

Jammed Gem is the latest Sequential Discovery collaboration between Frederic Boucher and Eric Fuller. The pair knew that any follow-up to ResQ would have to up the ante. Finalizing the design took months to complete. Similar to ResQ, Jammed Gem is packed with secrets and puzzling value.

The goal is to find the gem jammed inside somewhere. While ResQ and Jammed Gem share a few similarities, Jammed Gem takes a different approach to deny the solver. We can't say more without revealing spoilers, but we can say that the duo has pulled out all the stops, with many new tricks and obfuscations awaiting.

Jammed Gem was challenging to craft. The work pushed our limits and required the development of several new jigs and techniques. This puzzle epitomizes the type of work that very few in the world can execute, representing a flagship offering you won't want to miss.

We have created two variants; one with a sleek quartersawn walnut and deep wenge box and pieces from finely grained Bubinga, the other with a bright quartersawn Sapele and black palm box containing pieces from dark Macassar Ebony.

These are the remaining copies of the split run from August, with approximately 37 copies of the walnut, wenge and Bubinga variant, and around 35 copies of the Sapele, black palm, and Ebony version being made available this release.

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