DDD Burr Set Stainless Steel

DESIGNER: Darryl Adams / Bryan Turner / Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
RELEASE DATE: 10.18.2021
EDITION: 24 Copies Released
SIZE: 1.875" x 1.425" x 1.425"

The DDD Interlocking Burr Set is a collaborative effort between Darryl Adams and Bryan Turner. This version omits the cubicdissection crafted box, allowing us to offer it at a significant discount for customers who prioritize puzzle value over presentation. This is a limited offer and will not be further available once sold out.

Darryl's inspiration came from Bill Cutler's complete summary of notchable pieces that can be used to form a burr shape. Bill's set of 42 pieces are sufficient to make all 314 solid notchable burrs and thousands of non-solid assemblies.

Darryl sought a smaller set that allows enough interesting combinations to guide the solver through increasingly difficult puzzles. He called it “DDD” for “Darryl’s Dense Dozen”. The set is “dense” in that it allows for 530 possible puzzle combinations; of those, 42 have a unique solution, and 24 are solid with no internal voids.

Bright stainless steel pieces are precision machined by Bryan Turner; assembled puzzles feel as though machine from a solid piece.

PDF directions for DDD Burr Set can be found here. The Burrtools file for the complete set can be found here. PuzzleMad has written a very fine blog review of this puzzle. Additional burr pieces can be ordered a la carte from Bryan.

Handling Metal Puzzles
While all metals tarnish over time, residual oil and salt from handling speed up the process and leave fingerprints. An individually packaged metal cleansing cloth is included with each metal puzzle sold on Cubicdissection. Metal Puzzle Polishing Kits which contain a larger cleansing cloth and microfiber polishing towel are also available.


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