Lift Box (2020 Edition)

DESIGNER: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Black Walnut, Quilted Maple, and Bocote
RELEASE DATE: 8.28.2020
EDITION: 78 Total Copies Released
SIZE: 3" x 2.4" x 2.4"

This second release of Lift Box incorporates a couple of design improvements over the last version. Customer reviews of the previous release describe the box well:

"Removing the lid of the Lift Box is easy, but this does not allow access the inside of the box and here the actual solve starts. The box has an unusual mechanism, and first time I have seen one like that. There are some carefully hidden hints in the design that give you a rough idea what may be required, but actually finding the moves is a different story. Great fun to solve and crafted in excellent quality!" -Goetz S.-

"Lift Box is a very deceptive little devil. It's hard to say much without spoiling things, but as with Topless Box there's a lid that isn't a lid at all and a seemingly impenetrable box underneath. Changes come from unexpected places and in surprising ways. The craftsmanship is superb and keeps the secrets well hidden. Bravo!" -Thelonious C-

78 total copies available for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped assembled.

This item is sold out and no longer available. Our Marketplace is the best source for discontinued work. We occasionally revisit discontinued designs at our sole discretion and do not accept requests or one-off commissions.

To ensure the proper continued operation and fit of your puzzles, please check out our product care guide. We recommend an occasional polishing with Renaissance Wax to keep wood puzzles in top condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kevin M.
Beautifully clever

This is one of my favorites of Eric’s creations. Simple, but not simple. It’s definitely a perfectly made piece of working art.

Dan L.
Lift Box 2020 - what fun!

I received my copy of Lift Box a few weeks ago, and held off on entering a review till I had a chance to work on it a while. In short, I love it. The quality of the wood and workmanship are excellent, and the design of the puzzle is very engaging. At first it seemed opening the box would not take too long, but then I was stumped. I played with the box on and off for days, that then turned into a few weeks, all the while listening very carefully for clues as to what might be required to progress further (I’m sure Eric will be giggling to himself when reading this). Then finally, I hit upon the solution. What fun indeed!

I also want to give kudos to Sara at CD for her attentiveness to complete my order, and with answering my questions about the ordering process. Very helpful, and great customer service!

Matthew T.
Tricky box

Fantastic box by Eric. Looks absolutely beautiful, very well made. A great little trick that is well hidden. As always A1 customer service from the team at cubicdissection.

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