Titan - Metal Puzzle

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Titan is a simple-looking, yet highly challenging metal puzzle and take-apart puzzle by Felix Ure.

MATERIAL: Solid Brass
SIZE: 2" (50mm)

Titan is a simple-looking, yet highly challenging take-apart puzzle. The first design by Felix Ure, it's widely regarded as being both incredibly difficult and very satisfying to solve. The goal is to open the sphere but to do so you must defeat the mechanism which keeps the two spheres together.

Machined from solid brass, Titan measures 2 inches (50mm) in diameter and weighs 515g or approximately one lb. The brass is left unfinished, leaving it to slowly patinate and darken with use. Difficulty: 9/10.

Puzzle Mad wrote an excellent blog post; Mr. Puzzle's video review is excellent but does contain spoilers.

Handling Metal Puzzles
While all metals tarnish over time, residual oil and salt from handling speeds up the process and leaves fingerprints. An individually packaged metal cleansing cloth is included with each metal puzzle sold on Cubicdissection. Metal Puzzle Polishing Kits which contain a larger cleansing cloth and microfiber polishing towel are also available.

Customer Reviews

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Sphere of Anger

I saw a review of this puzzle by chance and it sounded intriguing, and as a metal fabricator the brass sphere just sounded kinda neat.

Impossible describes more than one aspect of this. If you are a sorcerer maybe you’ll crack it “quickly” but otherwise it’s good for at least 10-12 hours of frustration and cursing. But in a good way.

The machining and construction are both excellent and it’s highly unlikely you will solve it by accident, and impossible with some kind of trick or cheat. The brass will slowly develop a nice patina as you play with it. Definitely a good pick if you rank value in time to solve and construction.

Titan Delivers

Perhaps it’s more accurate for me to say that Mr. Fuller delivers Titan, but once he does I promise you will not be disappointed! Titan is quite an impressive puzzle. Just don’t drop it on your toe (like I did)! 

Elegant challenge

Always a joy to see difficulty arise from elegance and simplicity. Even if you work out what's going on in there, there's still some dexterity and intentionality needed to accomplish the solve. As such there's replay value if you enjoy fiddling with beautiful, substantial objects!

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