Customer Service: Tube It In - puzzles and size

Customer Email:
"Hey there. I wanted to take a minute and let you know what I think of Tube It In. 
When I first opened the bag I thought, "Wow, that is small for $100." I closed my eyes and took it apart. Then I spent some time rebuilding it. As I did I realized the work that must have gone into it.  I like how small it is. And I think it is money well-spent. I appreciate your work. You did a good job. Thank you for that."

Cubicdissection Reply:
Thank you for your email and kind words. I’m glad you liked tube it in! Interestingly, it’s much easier to make big puzzles because the tolerance envelope opens up as you scale it larger, requiring less precision. Smaller is where you really have to know your business. I appreciate my clients for realizing that, as the more uninformed mass consumers out there automatically believe bigger = better!
Customer Service: Tube It In - puzzles and size