Puzzle Box Release Schedule

We've been bouncing around a bit on Puzzle Box releases, and I wanted to share my design goals for the next six months.

I'm midway through redesigns for Havana Two, Three, and Four. Havana Three will probably not be modified. Two and Four are substantially augmented from their base mechanisms to be more difficult. All will be identically sized and crafted from walnut, each with a different species highly-figured top panel. Because I want to release them back to back, we won't start production until all are prototyped and finalized.

I've also wanted to remake the Small Button Box and complete the Medium and Large designs. These are less complicated than the Havana redos, and I would like to release them in sequence like the Havana Boxes.

So I have six "normal" boxes in various stages of design/redesign. Death Box and Denmark are also mid-design. They are both more complicated endeavors (similar to Lock Box) and take more time to design, prototype, and craft.

I'd like to release another box in January, and none of those mentioned above are ready. I find my best work comes when I leave time for my subconscious to chew on things for a while. Rather than rush them, I have added a re-release of Multiball and re-arranged the rest:

January: Multiball
Feb-Mar: Havana or Button Box Series
April: Death or Denmark Box
May-June: Havana or Button Series
July: Death or Denmark Box