New Puzzles Released!

New Puzzle Release

We've been at it again, crafting some highly anticipated designs!  New work includes:

  • Leftovers #3- László Molnár
  • Split Maze Burr- Derek Bosch 
  • Casino- Volker Latussek 
  • Notes- Tamás Vanyó
  • Cranium - Jerry Loo
  • Half Lid Box [Artisan]- Hajime Katsumoto
Furthermore the Pack Six and Pin Block Case puzzles are back in stock in the Artisan section.

Many changes to come this year for Cubicdissection; we're shifting our focus back to puzzle boxes and have two trick boxes coming out for the next update in early May.  

Finally, don't forget to check out the Marketplace event that starts this weekend.  Already 100+ puzzles listed for's your chance to pick up that rare item you've been looking for!

Many Thanks,

New mechanical interlocking packing puzzles and puzzle boxes