Important Changes to CD Marketplace Instructions and Terms

Please note that the following information/policy changes have been added to the site. As a user of the site you are required to understand and comply with these changes, so please read them carefully.

Again, these changes are important! Failure to understand them could result in the suspension of your marketplace account. Please read them!

Resolution and Mediation

This site is intended for use as a market by which buyers and sellers connect. Cubicdissection does not mediate or otherwise guarantee transactions between users. Use of this site constitutes your agreement to proactively communicate and resolve any issues between yourself and any other respective party, including pre and post-event questions, request for more detail in listings, complaints as to photographs or descriptions, and any other issues which may arise.


Payment sent through PayPal must be sent using purchase protection. Sellers are prohibited from requesting "trusted party" payments. Violation of this will result in an immediate suspension for one event, with further violations resulting in a permanent ban from the Marketplace.

Buyers and sellers alike are required to comply with PayPal's terms of service, which precludes sellers from charging buyers for PayPal fees. Handling or packaging fees are allowed.

Listing Details

Photographs that reveal solutions with a quick glance are prohibited. This particularly includes puzzle boxes or other take apart puzzles, or any puzzle whereby viewing the puzzle in the solved state gives an immediate, substantial, and unforgettable insight into the solution. Community members are responsible for upholding this policy by reporting to the seller any photo which may tend to violate the same.  Should a listing go live with such a photograph, the seller will be responsible for replacing the offending photo or be at risk of the item being delisted.

Non-Paying Bidder / Non-Shipping Seller

Payment must be sent within 10 days of the item close. Items must be shipped within 10 days of payment being received. Extensions to this timeline may be approved if both parties agree. After 10 days the non-compliant party will receive a 48-hour warning. If the listing is resolved within this time frame, one of two things will happen:

  • If the non-compliant party has a positive history they will receive a warning.
  • If they have no history or have previously received a warning they will be suspended from the next event.

If the listing is not resolved during the warning period the non-compliant party will receive a final 24-hour warning. If the matter is not resolved they will be permanently banned from the Marketplace. If the listing is resolved there may still be a suspension depending on the history of the individual.

If you have not yet read the appropriate guide for your activities on the marketplace, please remember that it is required for participation in the Marketplace. This is to ensure fully informed participation and smooth transactions.