Customer Service - Have you thought about having members?

"I wanted to know if you have thought about a couple of things. One, have you thought about having members? Maybe we pay a membership fee, and for it, we get discounts, freebies, etc. on wood puzzles? I'd like the idea of not having to stress over getting to a computer every 1st Tuesday.

Also, are you familiar with Wil Strijbos' Angel Box? I wonder if you would ever make a mammoth puzzle like that with wood. A puzzle box with lots of mechanisms, etc.? Just a couple of thoughts. Looking forward to seeing what's coming up.

Thanks for your consistency. Keep up the great work.


Boxed Box Lover"

Hi Boxed Box Lover,

Thanks for your email.  I've thought about a puzzle membership club, perhaps separate ones for interlocking puzzles and one for puzzle boxes, but managing it would be a lot of extra overhead that I would have to charge for somehow.  We run a pretty tight ship here with a narrow focus on making the best mechanical puzzles we can at the lowest prices; therefore I'm very cautious when considering changes to our business model.

With regard to discounts, since we make everything in house we aren't able to toss around things like that as our margin is a lot tighter than those who resell or import.  Occasionally I make an exception but it's rare, and not something I can do on the reg.

We do have a couple larger, more complicated sequential discovery puzzles in the works...keep an eye on the site in the coming months :)