Three Visually Impaired Rodents

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DESIGNER: Haym Hirsh
SIZE: 5.3" x 3"

Three Visually Impaired Rodents is a packing puzzle inspired by the classic nursery rhyme song of a similar name. These poor unsighted creatures are having a tough time getting themselves and their cheese back into their den.

They can easily manage to pass two of their family and all the cheese, or all three mice and only one piece of cheese. But they need your help to get everything inside before the cat returns. Can you help them?

Three Visually Impaired Rodents was constructed from cast acrylic with a black and white tray, little grey mice, and some nice yellow cheese. It ships in an unsolved configuration.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This is NOT a difficult puzzle. But it is fun :-). Nice inexpensive and rugged puzzle to leave out for people to try

Great little puzzle!

I did not find this puzzle that difficult, but the theme and execution are excellent. A great puzzle to have on you coffee table for guests to play with.

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