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DESIGNER: Nick Baxter
MATERIAL: Cast acrylic
SIZE: 4" x 6" carrying bag

Inspired by the classic T Puzzle, New*T was created by Nick Baxter as his Exchange gift for IPP 32 in Washington, DC. This tricky arrangement uses pentomino-style shapes. There are multiple challenges; the solver must use all eight pieces to create three different sizes of the uppercase "T pentomino." The solution is non-trivial and quite difficult.

Crafted from laser-cut cast acrylic, the bold colors and straightforward goal make this an excellent choice for new puzzlers. The compact size and portability make it an ideal gift.

This batch of New*T was crafted from red, white, and blue cast acrylic. New*T ships in an unsolved configuration.

At the designer's request, 10% of all purchases of this puzzle will be donated to the International Red Cross for Ukraine relief.

Customer Reviews

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Frederic B.
A renewed classic!

Very interesting funny and clever little puzzle, that you bring with you in your pocket!
More difficult than expected, it will give you a lot of satisfaction once solved. Highly recommended for true puzzle enthusiasts!

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