Glass Puzzle Box

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DESIGNER: Benno de Grote
RELEASE DATE: 3.21.2022
SIZE: 3.5" x 5.35" x 8"

Benno de Grote's "Glass Puzzle Box" is a unique concept crafted from laser-cut acrylic. It holds no secrets, the full functionality being plainly visible. Despite this, Glass Box is a tough challenge, with a layered, complex solving experience and much to discover.

The box is solved by maneuvering a stainless ball through the maze. This is, however, no ordinary maze: at each corner, the path is blocked by interlocking sliders. To progress, you must solve the slider puzzles at various choke points. Requiring over 120 moves to fully solve, Glass Box automatically resets itself once opened.

We have made two versions for this release. One is entirely transparent, allowing a full view of the box's contents. The other conceals the box's interior using mirrored acrylic, reflecting the maze back to the solver for a slight increase in difficulty.

Glass Box took a lot of effort to make. Each puzzle uses 38 precision-cut acrylic pieces, dense with holes and notches, creating a very time-consuming cut process. Once cut, the pieces are de-masked by hand before being painstakingly assembled and tested. The final product measures 3.5" x 5.35" x 8".

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Big and beautiful

This puzzle is huge, bigger than the standard puzzle hamster! Having everything visible does not make this thing any easier. This is a lovely puzzle box made of lots of acrylic, and opening the box requires guiding the ball in the fully visible maze. Moving the ball around initially was fairly easy, since it was clear where to go. But then it gets complicated fast, and the various sliders to manipulate the maze add to the challenge. It was fun to try to slowly map out where to go, but I still ended up having to do this in sessions.

Jenny S.
Beautiful to handle and a real challenge

Since neither I nor my brother have solved this puzzle yet, I can't say exactly how long it took/will take. Probably our grandchildren will be nutting it out :-) But superbly packed, beautiful crafted and feels so good to handle. One of the small pieces of acrylic dislodged but it hasn't made a difference that we can see.

Pierre-Henri E.

perfect quality, shipped qwickly to france

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