Soma in Case
Soma in Case
Soma in Case

Soma in Case

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DESIGNER: Hajime Katsumoto
MATERIAL: Sapele/Marblewood
RELEASE DATE: 12.13.2018
EDITION: 42 Copies Released
SIZE: 3.625inx2.375in
COMMENTS: Soma in Case is another offering from design genius Hajime Katsumoto. The seven soma pieces must be packed into a 5x3x2 space. Not too tough, except that the lid also has a cube secured to it and so the pieces must maneuver around the obstruction. Over 100,000 solutions, only one is assemblable with a combined 14 moves necessary. This is a difficult, elegant design.

Construction of this puzzle is outstanding, with sturdy box joinery and fully beveled cube pieces.

42 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped disassembled.