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DESIGNER: Stephane Chomine
MATERIAL: Spalted Maple, Wenge, Canarywood
RELEASE DATE: 4.30.2018
EDITION: 51 Copies Released
SIZE: 1.8x2.9x1.5 in / 4.5x7.3x3.8 cm
COMMENTS: Aquarius+ is a seemingly simple puzzle with a real surprise. Two burr pieces and a small slider interact with the ribbed cage to create an unexpectedly high level 17.9.3 solution. Disassembly is moderately difficult but reassmebly gets hairy quick! A great challange for the experienced puzzler.

Beautifuly constructed from solid milled pieces, this puzzle is made to last. The cage uses milled slots for strength and precision, and the spalted maple is beautiful against the striped wenge grain.

51 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped assembled.