Oskar's Matchboxes
Oskar's Matchboxes
Oskar's Matchboxes
Oskar's Matchboxes

Oskar's Matchboxes

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DESIGNER: Oskar van Deventer
MATERIAL: Various Exotic Woods
RELEASE DATE: 10.1.2019
SIZE: Approx 3"

Oskar's Matchboxes has always been one of my favorite designs. In terms of originality, appearance and overall appeal, very few puzzles come close. The five dissimilar pieces consist of an outer box and inner tray cleverly glued together. The goal is to assemble the pieces so that every tray is contained inside a box. With only two solutions, this is quite tricky!

Oskar’s Matchboxes is a very time-consuming puzzle to make, with all pieces constructed using the same shoulder joinery that we used to make the Tube It In puzzle. The end result is a puzzle that looks small and fragile but is really quite strong.⠀

This puzzle is shipped disassembled.

Customer Reviews

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Oskar's Matchboxes

This design is one of my favorites: Not overly difficult, but fun to play with and a good choice to share with (non-puzzler) friends. The different colors of the mixed wood version I received look stunning and the small drawers are just so adorable (I already had a simplified version of this puzzle which did not quite live up to its name; this one of course does!). The pieces fit perfectly and provide a very satisfying puzzle experience.

So Very Satisfying

These are, of course, beautifully made, as is everything I have ever purchased here, but the piece is also so very satisfying to put together. It is not overly challenging, and would make a great gift for a non-puzzler; it is also an excellent piece for a collector, with a balanced shelf appeal.

This is one of the few puzzles that I find myself taking apart and putting back together every couple weeks, just because of how satisfying it is to watch it come together.

Fun Puzzle

I'm really enjoying this puzzle. Very simple in concept, but a bit more difficult than it appears. As usual, the workmanship of the pieces is awesome. Get it while it's still available; you won't be disappointed!!!

A Delightful Puzzle

I just love this puzzle, especially with how unique it is!! Once again the fit and finish is absolutely breathtaking!! I can’t get over the tight tolerances of the fit up on this like all of Eric’s puzzles!! Also I love the beautiful mixed species of woods that were selected and used to make this! Like the Tube It In puzzle, thank you Eric for bringing Oskar’s matchboxes back to the market table for another round so I could get the chance to purchase one for myself!!


This is very suitable for beginners to try, very accurate work.